About Melonie House-Dixon

District 1 Community Member

President MLK Neighborhood Association

Co-Chair East MLK Contact Team

President Bethany Cemetery

Victim Services Volunteer

Retired Small Business Owner

Hello! My name is Melonie House-Dixon and I want to be your next Austin City Council Member for District 1.

My family and I relocated to Austin in 1988.

I began community advocacy as Chair for the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association because of the inequities of residing on the East side of I35 and the vast development not occurring in other parts of town. I witnessed my neighbors being harassed to sell their property or sell because of unmanageable taxes. 

These needs brought my attention the following priorities, which I have been pursuing and will continue to pursue as your City Council District 1 Representative.

Affordability and Housing

Historic Preservation

Public Safety and Homelessness

Environmental Sustainability

This was a real concern. Why were “rights” being dishonored, ignored and even secretly amended? We lack voice and support and I want to be that voice. 

I was invited to Co-Chair the EMLK Contact Team, another organization missioned to advocate as a collective for the neighborhoods for rezoning and incompatible land use within established neighborhoods.

My position with Betheny Cemetery is President - this is a historic site that almost became a victim to a development supported by the Councilmember representatives. This historic landmark was the largest stakeholder for a valid petition and staving off a developer.

I have come to realize that we are just one very large community and what affects another area will also affect our area, and our area affects other areas, back and forth. So it is important when making decisions to consider all parties and the consequences that may occur as a result. 

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